Tuition changes are not related to inflation

In my last blog, I wrote about issues with financial aid. This and tuition are still on my mind. This is the season when various schools announce their tuition changes. Once again we are seeing tuitions changes in the range of 3.5-3.7% (Stanford and Princeton) and 4.5% (Cornell). What the papers have noticed is that these far exceed inflation which is –0.4% for 2009. Why do these tuitions keep going up so much.

Thoughts on the cost of higher education

Higher education is increasingly seen as a necessary good by many parents in the US (probably beyond what the facts might support). On the other hand, the growth of costs in the collective world of higher education has exceeded even health care over the last several years. Thus it has been much larger than the CPI and we have reached the position that the “average” family has seen it’s ability to pay for the “average” education drop over the last decade. This drives enormous middle class concern when this education is seen as necessary as opposed to a luxury.

Edgerton Center Course Targets Landmine Removal


Student and professional deminer using demining toolAndrew Heafitz’s Edgerton Center course, Design for Demining, is a spring semester class that develops tools to help solve the landmine problem. The photo shows a class project being tested by a student on the left, and being used by a professional deminer in Sri-Lanka on the right.

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student testing demining tool
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