Tackling Science and Technology Together

Addressing the 21st century’s great challenges requires the world’s best minds to come together and collaborate on solutions. That is why, reflecting the borderless nature of science and technology, MIT President L. Rafael Reif charges each graduating class with a mission to spread far and wide the lessons they’ve learned while in Cambridge. “Hack the world,” he says, “until you make the world a little more like MIT.”

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MIT Community Responds to Executive Order on Immigration

On Sunday, January 29, MIT students, faculty, and staff gathered to support members of the Institute community who are directly affected by President Trump’s Executive Order barring citizens of seven countries from entering the United States. Once organized, the group marched to join the larger protest in Copley Square, Boston. 

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MIT Physics Demos: Conservation of Angular Momentum

MIT+K12 Videos is an educational outreach media program in the Office of Digital Learning. We produce original digital media and live programming that seeks to spark curiosity and a love of learning among middle-high school students, open the door to the science / technology / engineering / math (STEM) world, and promote STEM-literacy among the general public.

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Hope Regenerated: A Life-Saving Discovery at MIT MechE

A “failed experiment” became a life-saving discovery by MIT Professor Ioannis V. Yannas and his colleague Dr. John Burke when their search for a better way to treat severe burn victims led to the discovery of organ regeneration — thought impossible by the scientific and medical communities at the time — as well as a brand new field of medicine.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP) has earned a reputation among students as a success accelerator. This yearlong professional development program gives students a soup-to-nuts orientation to the working world and helps them to find summer internships to further practice and develop their skills.

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Momentum 2016

Momentum is a course offered to freshmen and sophomore students during MIT’s Independent Activities Period (IAP). It is designed to prepare students for a future in the fields of science and engineering. Students are placed in groups and are challenged to use an engineering approach to solve a problem faced by the world today. Throughout the course, and along with other workshops, the students receive assistance in resume building, oral presentations, interviewing, and participate in a networking event with industry representatives.

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