Solar Electric Vehicle Team: A Test of Teamwork, Engineering Skill and Endurance Across the Australian Outback

Published in MIT News on November 29, 2011

[The Solar Electric Vehicle Team is one of the student teams supported through The Edgerton Center]

Team at the finish line in Victoria Square, Adelaide

In early October, 12 members of MIT’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT) boarded planes bound for Darwin, Australia — the departure city of the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge (WSC). Held every two years, the World Solar Challenge (WSC) attracts solar electric vehicle teams from around the world, many of whom have spent years building, testing and preparing their solar car for the event. Beginning in Darwin, teams raced 1,864 miles south to Adelaide from Oct. 16 through Oct. 22.

This year’s challenge was particularly challenging. Their troubles began in the summer, four months prior to the WSC....

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