Freshman/Alumni Summer Internship Program (F/ASIP) is Now Accepting Applications

Jennifer Earls, Ccareer Assistant, GECD Career Services

Since F/ASIP’s inception in 1997, over 650 MIT freshmen have participated in the 9-month, graded seminar geared towards teaching valuable career exploration and preparation skills. As part of F/ASIP, freshmen assess their interests, skills and values; explore career options, and cultivate professional skills like communication, etiquette, and networking. F/ASIP also assists freshmen in finding summer internships or research experiences, and pairs students with a mentor (usually an MIT alum) while they intern or complete a summer research project. Past participating employers include: The American Diabetes Association, CIA, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, NASA, and more.

All freshmen are eligible to apply, including international students. Furthermore, the program is open to freshmen in any stage of their career development, from those who are unsure of their choice of major and professional interests, to those who are certain of their future plans.

If you know of a freshman who you think would be a good fit for F/ASIP, please encourage them to apply by December 19th, 2011 on the F/ASIP website.

Former student participants report great value achieved from their F/ASIP experiences:

When leaving for my internship, I was undecided on whether to major in nuclear science, materials science or electrical engineering. My summer experience proved to me that though I like physics, a path in nuclear science was not for me. I…worked with equipment that dealt with the electronic and optical properties of materials, and I was so fascinated by the operation of the device that I came back resolved to double major in materials science and electrical engineering. Although the work is a lot, I don't mind as I really love what I am doing!
(F/ASIP student, 2011)

It is important to note that participating in F/ASIP does not guarantee students a summer internship. F/ASIP provides the opportunity and training for students to explore their interests and options, and to connect with employers. F/ASIP’s goal is to teach valuable career planning and job search skills that will be useful to students throughout life. MIT Global Education and Career Development appreciates the continued support of its DUE partners in encouraging freshmen to apply for this unique developmental opportunity.

Please email with any questions.

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