No Flips-Flops: Preparing Students For Winter in Cambridge

Dan Chapman, Staff Associate, New Student, Leadership and Mentorship, UAAP

Flip-flops haning on a clothes lineThe “No Flips-Flops: Preparing For Winter” program sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming was held on November 18th. The program was created because the UAAP staff members saw students wearing flip-flops well into the cold weather months, and realized there was a need for an educational session around preparing for the cold of winter.

With 41% of MIT undergrads from a warm climate [check out stats from Registrar], it makes sense that our students might need guidance on what to wear in the cold, where to buy appropriate clothing, and how to stay fit and healthy when it’s cold outside.

Twenty-five freshmen were in attendance as Lodivica Illari, Senior Instructor from the EAPS department, opened the event with a short lecture on the science of Nor'easters, and why our area is prone to this unique weather pattern. Included in Illari's presentation were videos of past Cambridge blizzards captured on film by students at MIT.

Upperclassmen gave presentations about dealing with the cold and how they have survived it themselves. Students warmed up with a taco bar and had a chance to win Starbucks gift cards in a raffle. All students received Chapstick, hand cream, and handouts about nutrition, wind-chill, fun winter activities, and the science of Nor’easters.

Although still a bit uncertain about what is in store for them this winter, students left with good ideas about how to stay warm and healthy during their first winter in Cambridge.