Making Others’ Voices Heard through Education and Journalism

Published in MIT News on November 28, 2017, by Fatima Husain

Senior Drew Bent hopes to level the educational playing field of the future.

Before senior Drew Bent began his undergraduate studies at MIT, he considered his interests in education to be “side projects.” He had worked at the educational platform Khan Academy and at Sony Ericsson while he was a high school student, employing what he had considered his main skill set since he was a child: programming.

“Basically, programming is all I did,” Bent says, “I used to be very much a technocrat.”

At MIT, Bent opted to double major in physics and electrical engineering and computer science. But he also dipped his toes in writing, as a journalist for MIT’s undergraduate newspaper, The Tech.

By the end of his first year, Bent had a revelation: “The stuff that I was doing that I was most passionate about — the work that could have the most positive impact — was actually the side projects,” Bent recalls. “It’s the MIT education that can actually help me and enable me to do really powerful things in these areas..."

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