MIT Unites for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Published in MIT News on November 9, 2017, by Nicole Cooper, Division of Student Life

Student-organized donation drive receives overwhelming support from the Institute community during its three-day fundraiser.

Last month, the MIT Association of Puerto Rican Students organized a three-day donation drive to help Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

With an entire population affected by loss of electricity, shortages of food and water, and the inability to contact family members, two members of the MIT Association of Puerto Rican Students, seniors Gabriel Ginorio and William Rodriguez, decided to utilize resources on campus to help. 

“When we saw pictures of the flooding, people losing their homes and just the figures, we wanted to take action in some tangible way,” Rodriguez says.

First, Ginorio and Rodriguez did research to locate any ongoing hurricane relief donation drives being held in the Boston area. They found an organization called Puerto Rico Rises – Boston, and were told that they were unable to send donations to Puerto Rico because the island’s ports were clogged. Due to a lack of truck drivers to distribute items, and debris blockage in the streets, it was difficult to transport donations from the port to those in need...

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