MIT Students Design and Donate Sleeping Bags to Syrian Refugees

Published in MIT News on September 18, 2017, by Rebecca Linke, MIT Sloan School of Management

Winter in Syria can be cold. Freezing cold.

With over 11 million people displaced since the beginning of the country’s civil war in 2011, many millions are without adequate heating or shelter during the cold winter months.

A group of MIT students has set out to change that.

The team of six, led by MIT Sloan School of Management undergraduate Vick Liu, has created TravlerPack, a light, durable, water-resistant sleeping bag that can withstand temperatures as cold as -10 degrees Celsius, with the goal of distributing them to Syrian refugees.

TravlerPack started as an idea scribbled on a napkin.

During a freshman pre-orientation exercise last year, Liu was among a group of students discussing startup ideas when he realized he was interested in creating something that would help people. He wrote the idea for TravlerPack on a napkin and stuffed it in his pocket so he wouldn’t forget it...

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