A Life-Changing Month: IAP in Madrid

Julia Mongo, Staff Writer, GECD

For students interested in study abroad who don’t want to spend too much time away from campus or internship opportunities, Global Education’s IAP in Madrid offerings are increasingly becoming an attractive option. Founded in 2007, MIT’s popular slate of IAP programs in Madrid continues to expand in courses and enrollment. Students currently have the choice of three options: Global Literature taught in English by Professor Margery Resnick, Spanish II taught by lecturer Ana Yanez Rodriguez, and Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition taught by senior lecturer Margarita Ribas Groeger.

All three courses provide MIT credit and the opportunity for cultural immersion through homestay accommodations. Funding is available for the programs, and GECD’s Global Education staff will assist students in applying for scholarships to fund their studies.

Although the time may be short (3 – 4 weeks), students find their IAP in Madrid experiences to be truly transformative on academic, cultural, personal, and social levels.

Here’s what some of our 2017 IAP-Madrid students had to say about their experiences:

 Amber in Spain“Each week exposed me to more Spanish culture and history than I ever would’ve learned back in the United States. Academically, my Spanish speaking skills skyrocketed. I understood so much more in conversation with my host family by the end of the program than I did when I first arrived. This was really my only chance to study abroad and it was truly a life-changing experience.” (Amber, a Course 6 senior who took Spanish II)

“The history of Spain and its effects on our world to this day truly came alive for me because of the readings, discussions, and visits Professor Resnick pushed us to delve into. I know that every international experience I have only pushes me to think outside my comfort zone and to learn how more of the world works, making me a better engineer and a better person.” (Mackenzie, a Course 10 senior who took Global Literature)

“My instructor, Margarita Ribas Groeger, did a fantastic job of allowing us to get to know our fellow peers through conversation and other classroom activities. I was able to meet many upperclassmen and build multiple networks to ultimately guide me as a pre-med, chemical engineering major at MIT. I was also able to complete another HASS requirement towards graduating from MIT.” (Juan, a freshman who took Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition)

GECD will start publicizing the 2018 IAP programs in Madrid in September, and the application deadline for these subjects will be sometime in late October. Interested students should contact GECD through email (studyabroad@mit.edu).