DUE Creates Diversity and Inclusion Council

Scott R. Murray, Communications Specialist, GECD

Under the leadership of Sharon Bridburg (HR) and DiOnetta Jones Crayton (OME), DUE has created a new Diversity and Inclusion Council (DDIC). The Council’s mission is to advocate and work for diversity and inclusion within DUE by defining and executing actions that will make MIT a more inclusive community, at home and abroad.

DUE DDICFostering diversity is already a mission of DUE, and diversity and inclusion are core values per DUE’s Strategic Plan. Founding Council members believe that a culture of inclusion requires more than an assertion of shared values; it requires sustained effort and the leadership of many across our community. The Council plans to assess DUE’s current efforts surrounding diversity and inclusion, and identify new opportunities and strategies to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Creation of the DDIC was influenced by local and national events that have highlighted deep divisions between Americans around issues such as race, class, and transphobia. In the last few years, student protests on college campuses across the country have increasingly focused on practices and policies with the potential to erode community and perpetuate discrimination and oppression.

In December 2015, the Black Students’ Union and the Black Graduate Student Association of MIT presented a list of recommendations to MIT’s Academic Council. One of their recommendations was that each department, laboratory, and center creates a diversity statement reflecting their commitment to creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment, while underscoring an overall concern for the health and well-being of all students. The DDIC will pursue the creation of a diversity statement this year while identifying other actions and events for DUE.

After an inaugural meeting with opening remarks from Dean Freeman, the Council began with a retreat that included a diversity training facilitated by Alyce Johnson, Manager of Staff Diversity and Inclusion for MIT HR. The Council has since organized subcommittees for Communications, Programming, Professional Development, and Metrics and has also created a vision statement for their work, E^4: Engineering an Equitable Environment for Everyone.

Council members welcome input from the MIT community. Feel free to send email to e4@mit.edu or reach out directly to Council leadership or members with any questions or ideas. We look forward to working collectively to make DUE and MIT a more inclusive place to study and work.

DDIC Membership
Michael Bergren Associate Dean, Academic & Research Initiatives, UAAP
Sharon Bridburg Director of Human Resources, DUE
Camilla Brinkman Communications Administrator, Edgerton Center
Latasha Boyd Senior Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Kathleen Cahill Associate Dean, Accessibility & Usability, UAAP
Jessica Ch'ng Assistant Director, Multicultural Recruitment, Admissions
Paula Cogliano Program Administrator, Concourse
DiOnetta Jones Crayton Associate Dean and Director, OME
Gen Filiault Assistant Dean, Registrar's Office
Wayne Johnson Assistant Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Tyrene Jones Career Development Specialist, GECD
Nai Kalema Program Associate, IDIN, D-Lab
Christopher LaRoche UX Specialist, UAAP
Julie Maddox Assistant Dean, Global Education, GECD
Devan Monroe Program Coordinator, OME
Scott Murray Communications Specialists & Career Advisor, GECD
Lt. Col. Sheryl “Double” Ott Commander, AFROTC Detachment 365, Aerospace
Stu Schmill Dean of Admissions and SFS
Kofi Taha Associate Director, D-Lab