MIT Offers Admissions Decisions to the Class of 2021

MIT Admissions

On March 14, MIT made its undergraduate admissions decisions available online to applicants for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Institute admitted 1,438 students to next year’s first-year class.

“MIT is fortunate to attract applications from so many of the world's most promising students, all of whom seem destined to change the world. It is a very difficult choice to select so few of these many qualified applicants,” says Matt McGann, director of admissions. “I am excited to see in this group of admitted students such an excellent match to MIT's mission and culture.”

students jumping for joyAgain this year, a third have won national or international academic distinctions and many are athletes, artists, or makers. Admitted students come from 50 states, 62 countries, and from diverse backgrounds: a quarter identify as members of underrepresented minority groups, and 18 percent will be the first generation in their family to attend college.

“The new class brings increased diversity socioeconomically as well, something we are all very invested in helping to achieve. These students represent many different experiences, perspectives, talents, and passions. We’re excited for what they will share with our collaborative community. It is always humbling for us to learn about students’ stories through the admissions process, and we can’t wait to see how these stories continue to unfold at MIT,” says Jessica Ch’ng, assistant director of admissions...

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