Momentum: A Student Perspective

Nenye Anagbogu '18

Editor's note: Mechanical engineering major and 3-year Momentum veteran Nenye Anagbogu '18 graciously agreed to share this insider's perspective on the experience.

Momentum (Course 16.682) is an IAP-long competition/class in which freshman and sophomores attempt to accomplish a themed, technological feat, while learning a variety of skills that will help them throughout MIT and in the workforce. In my experience, Momentum never fails to be engaging, fun, challenging, and interesting for both the students and staff. This year, 29 freshmen and sophomores took the challenge: to control a rover through a course/maze wirelessly, with only the neck and above, while not looking at the course. It was an extremely cool challenge. However, what was really amazing was seeing students with no experience become proficient in a variety of skills, and completing the challenge in one action-packed month.

My first experience with Momentum was as a participant in 2015. I really enjoyed the fast-paced learning, and I was satisfied with the growth I experienced during and after the program. This made me want to help out with the course in the future, resulting in my becoming a TA for Momentum in 2016. From that perspective I got to see how hard everyone tries to make this a positive, worthwhile experience for the students. This year, I worked with Momentum as a student helper, assisting with some logistics and providing advice for the competition based on my experience as a former student and TA.

I really believe that Momentum and courses like it are not only beneficial to MIT and its students, but characteristic of MIT’s culture. It’s one of the first experiences of “Mens et Manus” for the incoming students. I believe this is even more important for first-year students as this may be their first time interacting with equipment and ideals that were beyond their financial capacity. Helping a program that helped develop me has been a great way to give back. I’ve really enjoyed working with the Momentum team, and I can't wait to see what it will look like next year!

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