MIT Army ROTC Faculty Share Their Leadership Expertise

Nadi Kassim, Technical Instructor, Department of Military Science

During IAP 2017, MIT Army ROTC contributed to the MIT community in a discipline that we know best: leadership development.

Captain Emily Hannenberg offered a leadership development workshop for 14 members of the MIT community. Workshop participants spent three days exploring leadership concepts and skills including communication, presence, bases of power, and influence tactics. On the final day of the workshop, participants applied these principles in challenging, physical situations at the MetroRock Gym as a capstone.

In addition, in late January MIT Army ROTC faculty teamed up with MIT Sloan Business School’s Veteran Organization to facilitate and administer a Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) as the culminating exercise for a three-day Sloan IAP course, Leadership Lessons Learned from the Military. The LRC consisted of seven different scenarios designed to build leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem solving skills. More than 70 MBA candidates completed the exercises, applying lessons learned during the first two days of the course.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Military Science are excited about the upcoming semester, as we continue training the most talented young leaders in the nation, and we look forward to continuing to fulfill our mission to host world-class leadership development training and education for our Army and for the MIT community.