West Garage Site Identified for New Undergraduate Residence Hall

Published in MIT News on Feburary 8, 2017, by Kimberly Haberlin, Office of the Chancellor

Centrally located dorm will enhance student life and learning experience, vibrancy of West Campus.

Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart announced today that the West Garage parking facility (W45) is the preferred site for a proposed new undergraduate residence hall MIT is committed to bringing online. The building, which will require permitting and approvals from the City of Cambridge, is tentatively slated to be ready for students by fall 2020.

“This decision has the potential to place more students closer to the heart of our campus, which we know is very important to them,” says Barnhart. “It also presents us with two key revitalization opportunities: to enhance the quality of our housing stock for all students and to further unlock the potential of the Vassar corridor of West Campus.”

The site selection was welcomed by senior Kate Farris, DormCon president and a member of the New Residences Working Group, which was convened by the Division of Student Life and Office of Campus Planning in November to help develop conceptual design options for the dormitory.

“I'm very excited about this upcoming addition to Vassar Street, and I think it'll be a great addition to dormitory life. I look forward to working with the MIT community to help design an exceptional new dorm for the site,” says Farris...

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