DUE for a Recharge Day 2016

Meghan Kenney, Assitant Dean, UAAP

The offices within the DUE came together on November 2 to host a day of stress relieving activities for students. The 2nd annual DUE Recharge Day was a collaborative effort to provide students with an opportunity to engage with the DUE offices and take a few minutes out of their day to relax and “recharge.”

Each office hosted its own unique activities, and they were all very popular with students! These included:

  • Global Education and Career Development: GECD Play Time
  • Registrar’s Office: Puzzles & Coloring
  • Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming: Cookies & Crafts
  • Student Financial Services: Good Fortune
  • Admissions: Bubble Gum & Bubble Wrap
  • Office of Minority Education: Hugs and Hot Chocolate
  • Edgerton Center: Balloon Pop Portraits

Students were given a “passport” card to use to collect stickers from each office they went to. If they visited at least four offices, they were entered into a TechCash raffle, and the first 100 students to complete the challenge received a DUE Recharge portable cell phone charger. Over 400 students participated in the challenge, and 130 completed it. Congratulations to our raffle winners, Jad Elmourad, Veronika Jedryka, Jordyn Mann, and Rose Wang!

A special thank you to the DUE Recharge Committee, who worked hard over the past few months to bring this event to life. The committee included Camilla Brinkman (Edgerton), Elizabeth Durant (DUE HQ), Cheryl Mottley (OME), Meredith Pepin (GECD), Michelle Pezzulli (SFS), Maura Tierney (Admissions), and Jessica Zdon-Smith (Registrar).