We Want You: Become a DUE Buddy!

Kristin McCoy, Human Resources Administrator, DUE HQ

The DUE New Hire Buddy Program plays an important role in welcoming new DUE employees and helping them acclimate to DUE and MIT. The goal of the program is to create a consistently warm and welcoming environment for all DUE new hires, as well as offer them an additional resource they can turn to as they begin their new role.

We currently have 47 active Buddies in DUE who have volunteered their time to be matched up with new DUE employees. These Buddies share valuable insight into MIT’s unique culture and help the new DUE members establish various connections early on, so they can become integral contributors to our community more quickly.

When I conduct check-ins with our new DUE staff, one of the best things they share with me is how much they value and appreciate the New Hire Buddy Program, and how it has inspired them to volunteer to become a Buddy as well. That’s exactly what happened with Deb Shafran of GECD. She had such a great experience with her original Buddy when she joined DUE that, six years later, they still get together to have lunch and check in with one another.

Now, as a DUE Buddy, Deb finds helping a new employee immensely rewarding. “I love giving back to the DUE community and being a point of contact for a new staff member,” she says. “I often find that I learn something new about MIT and DUE, by learning about what they do and how their department serves the MIT community.”

We always welcome new volunteers to serve as DUE Buddies, so if you are interested or have questions about the program, please reach out to me at kmccoy@mit.edu.