New Faces in DUE: June – September 2016

DUE Human Resources

DUE welcomed a number of new employees between June 15 and September 28, 2016. Congratulations to all!

Admissions Office

Jeremy Weprich, Admissions Counselor
Regina McGorray, Administrative Assistant II
Timothy Hickey-LeClair, Assistant Director
Christine Tansey, Administrative Assistant II

Aerospace Studies

Sheryl Ott,Commander and Visiting Professor


Steven Drasco, Lecturer


Jennifer Hiser, Instructor
Robert Nanes, Executive Director
Anish Paul Antony, Postdoctoral Associate
Elizabeth McDonald, Program Coordinator

Experimental Study Group

Judith White, Financial Administrative Assistant I

Global Education & Career Development

Katherine DiOrio, Career Assistant
Susan Acton, Career Assistant
Sheila Krishnan, Career Assistant
Daniel Hoffman, Career Assistant
Jennifer Harris, Career Assistant
Akunna Rosser, Assistant Director

Military Science

Darrell Brown, Technical Instructor

Naval Science

Adam Gracia, Technical Instructor
Vincent Kindfuller, Technical Instructor
Jimmy Castano, Technical Instructor
Grace Cassidy, Technical Instructor
Anne Nonnamaker, Technical Instructor

Office of Minority Education

Devon Monroe, Program Coordinator

Registrar's Office

Jenna DiTullio, Administrative Assistant II