TLL is Tweeting and Blogging!

Janet Rankin, Interim Director, TLL

Several years ago, many of us in the Teaching & Learning Laboratory (TLL) began to think about ways to more effectively share our work. We discussed blogs, tweets, and a variety of other forms of social media, but we never achieved much traction or consensus. Fortunately, some of our ideas persisted and took shape and now are bearing fruit.

Last year, we began to play more often in the Twitter sandbox using the handle @mit_tll and have now surpassed the 1,000 tweet mark! At the end of this past summer, we launched MIT Cog Blog: Thoughts and Opinions from the Teaching & Learning Lab at MIT (seven posts and counting). While we do not claim to be social media wizards yet, we are pleased and proud about the new ways we’ve embraced to share our story with MIT and the wider higher-education community.Teaching and Learning Laboratory's Cog Blog

Our goal for the blog is to offer timely posts throughout the academic year, such as suggestions for course planning, syllabus construction, mid-semester feedback and evaluation, student assessments, and grading. We will highlight TLL services that may be of particular temporal interest to the MIT community, as well as offering our summaries and opinions of noteworthy publications related to college-level teaching and learning (two of our posts to-date are book reviews).

While much of our content (e.g., workshops and programs) will be offered for those on the MIT campus, we hope our reflections and ideas will be of value to the broader higher-ed community. We seek this new path to engage in a vigorous and ongoing conversation!

We welcome guest bloggers from the MIT community; if you have any teaching and learning news, information, or musings that you’d like to share with our readers, please let us know!