Five MIT Students Awarded Distinguished Fellowships

Julia Mongo, Pre-Med Writer and Global Ed Advisor, GECD

In recent months, four MIT seniors and one alumna have been awarded distinguished fellowships that will fund their graduate studies abroad during the coming academic year.

Vo Tien PhongMarshall Scholar Võ Tiến Phong, who is double-majoring in physics and mathematics at MIT, will head to England’s Cambridge University this fall to pursue an MPhil in physics. The scholarship is awarded to up to 40 American students per year. Phong is a first-generation student who emigrated to the U.S. with his family when he was in middle school. He arrived without speaking English and struggled through his first few years in American classrooms. In eighth grade, he was inspired by a gifted teacher who recognized his academic promise and encouraged him to pursue physics. Read more about Phong in MIT News.

Churchill Scholar Reuben Saunders, a senior majoring in chemistry, will also attend Cambridge University to undertake an MPhil in chemistry at Churchill College. Saunders is one of only 15 national recipients of this year’s award, named in honor of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his vision of U.S.-U.K. scientific exchange. After his studies in Cambridge, Saunders plans to complete a PhD in biochemistry in the U.S. and pursue a career as a scientist, focusing on the molecular details of the processes underlying life. Learn more about Saunders in MIT News.

Schwartzman ScholarsTwo MIT seniors (Alex Springer and Kelsey Jamieson) and one alumna (Annabeth Gellman) will be joining the first class of Schwarzman Scholars for a year of study and leadership training at Tshinghua University in Beijing, China. Over 3,000 candidates from 135 countries competed for 100 spots in the 2016 inaugural Schwarzman class. Springer is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering with the goal of producing technologies for the developing world that can transform people’s lives. Jamieson, a senior majoring in chemical engineering, plans a future career engineering solutions to the energy crisis and advocating for the environment. Gellman graduated from MIT in 2013 with a degree in civil engineering and a concentration in Mandarin. She currently works as an analyst with PA Consulting Group and hopes to eventually head the international division of a technology company. Read more about the Schwartman Scholars in MIT News.

All of these fellowships are extremely competitive and prestigious. We congratulate these students on their success and wish them well as they embark on their new course of studies.