ESG Innovates with New Symposium Series

Bettina McGimsey, Development Associate, Experimental Study Group

The Experimental Study Group (ESG) sponsors seminars each spring on topics generally not covered in the mainstream MIT curriculum. These seminars are open to all MIT undergraduates and are intended to be hands-on and experiential in nature. We are currently offering seven 6-unit seminars including Kitchen Chemistry; The Chemistry of Sports; Current Events Seminar; Fourier Frontier; Law & Technology Seminar; Twist, Warp, Stitch and Glue: Textile Art(s) and the Making of Culture; and Programmable Physics: E&M with Python.

One of our Kitchen Chemistry instructors, Markrete Krikorian, is taking the seminar in an exciting direction this year. In addition to the standard class, we are piloting a new symposium series open to the MIT community. We have invited renowned food experts to speak with us about a variety of food science topics:   

Kenji Lopez-AltKenji Lopez-Alt: Searing and Roasting
March 11, Room 6-120

Kenji is an MIT alumnus and the New York Times best-selling author of The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking through Science.

Gus Rancatore: Crystallization and Ice Cream
April 22, Room 6-120
Gus is the founder of Toscanini’s Ice Cream.

Ronn Friedlander: Fermentation
May 6, Hulsizer Room, Ashdown House
Ronn is an MIT PhD candidate and a founder of Aeronaut Brewing Co. A tasting will follow at the Thirsty Ear Pub.

All symposia will include a technical discussion of an aspect of food chemistry by Markrete, a demonstration of the scientific principals in action by the speaker, audience Q&A, and a reception afterwards. They will be held on Friday afternoons from 3-5 PM (see locations above) and are free and open to members of the MIT community. Embrace your inner foodie and join us to learn about the science behind the food you eat!

If you would like to attend the March 11 symposium on the science behind searing and roasting with Kenji Lopez-Alt, please register in advance. More information about ESG’s seminars and the symposium series is available on the Experimental Study Group website.