Alumni Class Funds

Through the generous support of the Alumni Class Funds, established by alumni from the Classes of 1951, 1955, 1972, and 1999, MIT faculty have resources available to initiate innovative educational projects, particularly for undergraduate education. Since 1994, more than 170 educational projects have received support from these alumni funds, with many of these projects bringing significant long-term educational innovation to MIT. Each fund has a different focus:

  • The Class of 1951 Fund for Excellence in Education

  • The Class of 1955 Fund for Excellence in Teaching

  • The Class of 1972 Fund for Educational Innovation

  • The Class of 1999 Fund for Excellence in Student Learning

Typical projects have included the development of new curricula and/or instructional aids, programs to enhance teaching skills and techniques, and the incorporation of the latest teaching and learning methods in such important areas as the first year experience, General Institute Requirements, departmental programs, experiential learning, and faculty enhancement, support, and development.

The Alumni Class Funds website has more details about each fund, current and past projects, and application guidelines.