Building Lasting—and Productive—Community D-Lab Partnerships: ASAPROSAR, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Libby Hsu, D-Lab Instructor

D-Lab: real projects with real impact through community partnerships

D-Lab’s relationships with its community partners—the organizations on four continents that define D-Lab class projects, host D-Lab students, staff, and researchers, and collaborate deeply with D-Lab on the design and implementation of technologies and ideas intended to improve the work and lives of people living in extreme poverty—are a cornerstone of the D-Lab program and its approach to international development.D-Lab

From university partners like Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Peru's Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología, to local organizations such as Uganda's Teso Women Development Initiative and Avani in India, D-Lab's partnerships on the ground are the crucial link that allows students to interact with community members and work together on real projects with real impact.

Managing long-term D-Lab projects with ASAPROSAR to ensure successful outcomes

Last month, I spent the last two weeks on my annual summer trip to El Salvador to follow up on projects with our partner ASAPROSAR, Salvadoran Association for Rural Health, and plan our work for the coming year.

ASAPROSAR was started by Salvadorans over 40 years ago and works throughout the country on visual and general health, rural livelihoods, environmental stewardship, youth education and entrepreneurship, and many more areas. D-Lab has been working with ASAPROSAR since 2011 and has engaged approximately 20 students and six staff members there, on projects ranging from biodigesters to youth creative capacity building...

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