Transforming Student Information Systems

Published in the November/December 2014 issue of the MIT Faculty Newsletter by Mary Callahan and Eamon Kearns

During the past four years, our community has experienced a transformation of MIT’s Student Information Systems (SIS). Antiquated, paper-based processes have been replaced by streamlined, digitized processes that have improved the user experience for faculty, students, and staff while providing better support for MIT’s educational priorities. This progress has been guided by the 2011-2014 Education Systems Roadmap.

MIT student information systemsThe Roadmap was the outcome of a multi-year, user-focused analysis of MIT’s aging SIS, which identified five strategic priorities for modernizing the systems: digitize paper-based processes; enrich advising support; create a seamless user experience; ensure technical stabilization; and fulfill mandated changes. Projects were identified by aligning student, faculty, and staff needs, expectations, and pain points with these priorities. The resulting portfolio of projects covered a broad spectrum of systems that support the student life cycle.

The Roadmap was approved in September 2010 by the IT Governance Committee and an aggressive timeline has yielded significant benefits across the community of SIS users. Roadmap projects focused on digitization have had the most visible impact. The new systems have eliminated the need to physically manage and track paper...

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