Transfer Student Dinner Reunion

By Leslie Bottari, Staff Associate, UAAP

MIT’s transfer students form a special community that they identify with when they arrive on campus. While new transfer students participate in freshman orientation, many have told the UAAP staff, “Not being a freshman yet not really being an MIT upperclass student can be challenging. Where do we belong?” Of course, transfer students do belong to an academic department and the majority live in campus residence halls. Nevertheless, they enjoy the close-knit community that they have carved out at the Institute. UAAP’s annual Transfer Student Dinner Reunion is always a highlight for them.

This year, the reunion dinner took place on November 13 in the Student Center. In addition to fall 2014 transfer students, those from previous years were invited to participate. The 20 students who attended enjoyed catching up and talking to one another about their experiences. One student who transferred several years ago, and has now returned to MIT after a leave of absence, loved meeting the community of newcomers. Though most transfers have found their niche on campus by now and identify with other students, they always enjoy returning to the special community where they started.