DUE News - 2017

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  • The United States Air Force announced in December that it selected the MIT Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 365 for the 2016 Right of Line Award. The award recognizes the top AFROTC detachment in the nation. Detachment 365 also received the Best in Region Award for the Northeast, having competed against detachments at Yale and Cornell universities. The last time Detachment 365 won at the national level was in 2010. 

  • MIT Senior Jahnavi Kalpathy shares her story of taking a leave of absence.

    In spring of 2014, Jahnavi Kalpathy was weighing her options: She could remain at MIT and try to shake the floundering feeling that had plagued her since she arrived at the Institute. Or she could take a year-long leave of absence, using the time to reflect on her academic choices and find a clearer vision of her future. Leaving would mean missing friends and acclimating to a new class; staying would preclude the possibility of a fresh start.

  • Engineering undergrads showcase their research after one semester of yearlong SuperUROP projects.

    Imagine you’re walking in your dimly lit hallway. You’ve donned a pair of glasses that augment your reality. But the new object in your environment — a sleeping dragon the size of a cat — looks disappointingly flat and cartoonish.