DUE News - 2014

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  • TLL's collection of STEM Concept Videos is now accessible to the world on OCW! For the last two and a half years, the Teaching and Learning Lab has been developing these educational videos in collaboration with MIT faculty, instructors, post-docs, and graduate students who narrated the videos and often lent examples of their own research to the content.

    This video collection, funded by the MIT - Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) collaboration, targets content from the first three semesters of the undergraduate curriculum at SUTD. Many of the courses students take in their first three semesters at SUTD look very similar to MIT GIR courses and the prerequisite courses for many STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) undergraduate programs across the U.S.

    OCW Video Theme IconsThe goals of the videos are three-fold:

    1. to reinforce pivotal concepts and multidisciplinary themes,
    2. to provide opportunities for students to actively engage with content, and
    3. to provide real-world examples from everyday life, or from research, of the utility of these concepts.

    The videos utilize animations, visualizations, demonstrations, and/or examples from a variety of engineering and science disciplines to further the intended learning outcomes. Times to pause the video are incorporated to allow for student interaction—providing opportunities for students to predict the result of demonstrations, engage in discussion of concepts, and perform classroom activities tied to the video’s intended learning outcomes. The videos are meant to supplement classroom instruction.  Instructors might use snippets of video in class or students might watch them outside of class to review a concept or prepare for class discussion.

    “We are pleased to share this collection of videos with students and teachers across the globe through OCW,” said Dipa Shah, project manager and video scriptwriter. “We are also conducting assessments on the use of these videos by MIT students and look forward to feedback from the MIT community.”

  • Alumni from MIT’s 2004 Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Team and the Carl Hayden Community High School Falcon Robotics Team met this past November at the Edgerton Center to film a conversation about a period in their lives — almost 10 years ago — when they were competing neck-and-neck for first prize in the national MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) ROV Competition.

  • John McGoldrick '73On Saturdays in a bright, spacious classroom, MIT alumni and Edgerton Center volunteers John McGoldrick ‘73 and Mike Allen ’97 MNG ‘99 sit with young engineers, fervently discussing their new projects and ideas.

  • Since the October announcement that Eric Grimson was assuming a new fundraising role and Chris Kaiser was returning to a faculty role, DUE had been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new Chancellor and Provost. Earlier this month, we got the news that Cindy Barnhart and Marty Schmidt were named to these roles. While DUE interacts with many of the senior-most leaders of MIT, we work very closely with the Chancellor and the Provost, who shape the direction of the work we do through priorities and budget.

    I was pleased at the appointment of Cindy Barnhart as the new Chancellor.  As Associate Dean in the School of Engineering, Cindy chaired the School of Engineering Education Council. I had the opportunity to work with her in my role as the EECS Education Officer and Undergraduate Officer. My impression of her was that she was deeply interested in addressing educational issues and compassionate to the needs of the students. This was evident last week as we worked with the UA to address the closing time of CPW student-led events. She was eager to hear the UA’s perspective and develop a policy that was consistent with Institute policies yet responsive to student preferences.

  • Twelve years ago, Amy Smith taught a class on adapting medical technologies for use in small-scale clinics. When a group of Haitian students became interested in developing technologies for Haiti, they asked, how could you design a product for Haiti if you’ve never been there?

  • Interphase 45th anniversary logoThe Office of Minority Education will mark a major milestone in the Interphase program by hosting a 45th Anniversary Gala at the Museum of Science on April 26.

  • MIT senior Michelle Teplensky has won a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, a competitive full-cost scholarship which will allow her to pursue a PhD in chemical engineering and biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, UK, in fall 2014.MIT Senior Michelle Teplensky

  • The following email was sent today to the MIT faculty by Provost Martin Schmidt. A similar letter was subsequently sent to the graduate student community by Christine Ortiz, dean for graduate education.

    To Members of the Faculty:

    I am writing to share the draft report of the Graduate Student Housing Working Group.

  • You may not be aware that in addition to producing the MOOCs that get all the media attention, the MITx team is hard at work supporting dozens of experiments with using edX tools in association with MIT on-campus courses. And while the MOOCs are busy revolutionizing access to educational opportunity, the on-campus experiments are busy improving the quality of classroom-based education.

  • UROP student Prashanth Venkataram '14Did you know that the vast majority of undergraduates participate in UROP? The program—short for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program--provides students with the opportunity to do cutting-edge research with faculty.