DUE News - 2014

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  • A group of 230 enthusiastic associate advisors are leading the charge in mentoring the freshman Class of 2018. These volunteer upperclassmen are an integral part of the First -Year Advising Network, made up of a freshman advisor and a consultant from the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP). With an increase in the number of faculty advising freshmen, the UAAP has ensured that every advising group is built on a strong foundation. 

  • first generation programThe First Generation Program (FGP) is a community of MIT students, faculty, alumni, and staff who will be the first in their families to graduate from college. First generation students make up approximately 17 percent of all MIT undergraduate students.

  • MIT medical school applicantsThis fall, a significant number of MIT alumni took the next step in their journey to becoming MDs and MDPhDs by enrolling as first-year medical students.

  • Several new staff joined DUE between June 15, 2014 - September 23, 2014



    Dana Kingman, Administrative Assistant II
    Jessica Ch’ng, Admissions Counselor
    Chase Weldon, Assistant Director

    Aerospace Studies

    Karen Dillard, Commander, Visiting Professor


  • 2014 orientationNavigating MIT for the first time can feel like stepping into a new arena – you don’t know what challenges will present themselves. This year’s Orientation program used a “Hunger Games” theme to welcome 1,040 first-year students to MIT and show them that by working together, they can truly succeed here.

    Leading up to Orientation, 524 eager first-year students arrived early on campus to participate in one of the 23 Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPS). Students were able to explore programs in 19 academic disciplines as well as leadership, the arts, service initiatives, and the outdoors. This year, UAAP launched a new UROP FPOP, led by Melissa Martin-Greene and Sara Nelson. During the program, 20 first-year students were able to tour many of the Institute’s research labs, engage with faculty in panels and roundtable discussions, and learn strategies for finding and carrying out successful research collaborations.

    With 86 enthusiastic Orientation Leaders guiding the way, Orientation 2014 started on Sunday, August 24, with some fun and games...

  • In high school, Ernesto Ramirez had a routine he followed religiously: Every weeknight, he’d stay up late to watch David Letterman on TV, followed by the “Jeopardy!” game show. “Then I could finally call it a night,” he says. The self-described trivia buff developed a passion for “useless knowledge,” and dreamed of becoming a contestant on a quiz show one day.              


    MIT Admissions Blogger Chelsea R talks about the readmission process facilitated by Student Support Services and being a returning student

    September 2nd

    The round tables are blue, yellow, and green this year. I don’t think they’ve ever been so colorful – I remember white tablecloths, or no tablecloths at all – but I can’t be sure. After you come back to a place enough times, all your visits start to blur together.

  • Ten years after Ben Jones, former director of communications at MIT, and Matt McGann, current director of admissions at MIT, first conceived of using uncensored, student-generated content on the homepage of the undergraduate admissions website, the MIT Admissions Office celebrates an unparalleled decade of student blogging.

    Earlier last month, admissions staff invited blogger alumni from the previous 10 years to write a new blog post about where they have been since graduating from the Institute.

  • “You belong to an extremely select group,” MIT President L. Rafael Reif told the incoming Class of 2018 at this year’s Freshman Convocation, the traditional welcoming ceremony for the Institute’s new freshmen.

  • It was a busy summer for D-Lab students and community partners. Teams traveled to Columbia, Uganda, Haiti, and Ghana to work on a range of projects, from helping a school start a chicken coop business to setting up a computer lab with Raspberry Pi and used monitors. D-Lab Instructor Jessica Huang provides an update on the progress of each project.