DUE News - 2009

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  • MIT students are extraordinary individuals with great minds and abilities, and that many of them are already great leaders. As DUE staff, we see this as a special opportunity to tap into the unique talent of our students by enhancing their leadership skills and their potential for success.

    Each year, approximately 180-200 associate advisors, or upper-class students, volunteer to mentor freshmen. They are an invaluable resource to freshman advisors,
    first-year students and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP). Associate advisors complement the work of the advisor by offering the student perspective on academic and social issues.

  • Several new staff joined DUE between August 15, 2009 – October 19, 2009 - WELCOME

    Admissions Office

    Ingrid Vargas Sr. - Research Analyst


    John Keck - Instructor
    John Pope, Jr. - Instructor

    Global Education and Career Development Center

  • Cadet Col. Ryan W. CastoniaCadet Col. Ryan W. Castonia, a senior at MIT majoring in aerospace engineering, was recently named the 2009 United States Air Force Cadet of the Year by the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Norton A. Schwartz. This award recognizes the most outstanding cadet in one of the Air Force commissioning programs including the Air Force Academy, Officer Training School and Air Force ROTC.

  • OEIT staff contributed to the development of new programs and courses supported by Alumni Grants. Molly Ruggles is working with history professor Elizabeth A. Wood to develop an online Russian history portal for the project titled “Bringing Russian and Soviet History into the Digital Age.”

  • Terrascope Youth Radio studentsTeen summer interns, working with Terrascope Youth Radio, an NSF-funded collaboration between the MIT Terrascope program and the City of Cambridge Youth Programs, have just finished putting together the first-ever youth-produced hour-long radio special about teens and the environment. The special has been accepted for broadcast and distribution by New Hampshire Public Radio.

  • Dean Daniel HastingsThese are stressful times in the country and at MIT. We are all suffering from the impact of the recession even as we slowly recover. As the country tries to change, we have seen pictures of town hall meetings where many angry sentiments are expressed and people are not treated with respect. At MIT, our policies and procedures guide us to act with respect towards each other as we face hard decisions driven by our reduced budgets.

  • The February and April issues of this newsletter gave preliminary and midpoint views of three DUE Working Groups set up in January to explore ways to decrease our base budget. In June, each group submitted their final report with a set of recommendations to Daniel Hastings. There were 30 recommendations in all, mostly related to doing things differently, sharing work between and among individuals and offices, and using technology to enhance services, streamline operations and/or use fewer resources.

    A small subset of the recommendations identified specific cost savings. An additional set identified efficiencies only. Most noted that some level of savings may be found but that deeper evaluation would be needed to determine the cost/benefits and in some cases the advisability of moving forward. A number of short-term opportunities were proposed that could serve as temporary bridges while permanent changes are phased in.

  • Students making ice creamThis July, for the 2nd summer, a number of MIT outreach programs came together to offer 2 weeks of hands-on science and engineering learning for middle school students from Gloucester. It was part of a collaboration between the MIT Edgerton Center, the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center (GMHC) and the Gloucester Public Schools. Jessica Garrett, coordinator of the program, calls it a “taste of MIT” where students get to sample a wide array of the possible things they could study in science and engineering, while learning in typical MIT fashion…with minds AND hands.

  • The Educational Technology and Innovation Fair 2009:
    “Innovation, Transformation, and Excellence in Learning”

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009
    10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
    Lobby 13

  • This is the first of a series of articles on the use of social media by DUE offices...

    In an effort to see what all the Twitter hype is about, Preprofessional Advising launched a MITprehealth Twitter in March 2009. Since its inception, 100+ individuals or “tweeples” have decided to “follow” MIT prehealth.