DUE News - 2007

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  • On January 25, the DUE/DSL Collaborations Committee hosted the first annual dinner for new faculty; twenty-six new faculty attended. The focus of the evening was to showcase opportunities for facultystudent engagement, particularly outside of the classroom. The goal was to make faculty aware of the multitude of opportunities that exist as well as educate them on the educational and developmental benefits of significant faculty-student interaction.

  • The MIT Careers Office (MITCO) is hosting the second annual Freshman Sophomore Career Week (FSCW) beginning February 20. MITCO’s undergraduate career development team has dedicated long hours to planning three exciting events aimed at encouraging the Institute’s first- and second-year students to explore career options inside and outside of MIT.

  • As educators at MIT, we are fortunate to work with motivated students. They have shown by their decision to come to MIT that they are willing to work hard and are eager to learn. As faculty we have specific expertise that we want to impart to them. However, we also desire to give them the general education (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that will empower them when they leave. We wish to prepare them both for immediate contributions to society and 15 and 25 years out for continued growth and service.

  • The MIT community and their children are invited to a fun and educational event on Tuesday 20 February from 5:30 to 7PM in the Stata Center. The event will include a sneak preview of DESIGN SQUAD -- a new children's television show produced by WGBH and featuring kids engaged in designing and building machines. The program has many strong connections to MIT -- it was filmed on campus, is co- hosted by an MIT graduate student, features additional MIT students in episodes, and has two MIT faculty serving as advisors.

  • Welcome to the firsDean Daniel Hastingst edition of the DUE-wide newsletter. I have been proud to serve as Dean for Undergraduate Education for a full year. This year has been one of change, learning to work together in new and exciting ways and of defining our future together. For any organization at any time, it is important that there be high bandwidth communications that are open, continuous and reliable. This is especially important when the organization is faced with internal and external change. We will use this newsletter and other communication channels to discuss these changes, internal and external, as well as to support several other objectives that I will lay out below.