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  • On October 12 and November 2nd, Kate Quinn and Kathy Cahill of the ATIC/Accessibility/Usability Team conducted two “teatime” information sessions on Assistive Technologies for students with disabilities, with the assistance of staff from Student Disabilities Services (SDS). One session was about Distraction Free Tools, providing information to students about technology-based tools such as website, email, and ad blockers that help students focus on work that needs to be done. Kate also demonstrated web-based timer tools that help students work on tasks for a preset amount of time.

  • It’s been an eventful and productive semester for the students of the Department of Military Science.

    In October, the Paul Revere Battalion placed third (out of 42 total Army ROTC programs) in a regional military athletic skills competition, its best finish in recent history.

    In November, Army cadets participated in high-intensity military skills training, supported the annual Veteran’s Day memorial vigil, and presented the colors at MIT football home games. In cooperation with MIT’s Air Force and Navy ROTC programs, MIT ROTC cadets also presented the colors at the 2016 Harvard-Yale game.

    Finally, national level accolades were awarded to cadets who established themselves as high performing individuals for individual scholastic, athletic, and leadership achievements. Over 25 Army cadets were recognized in the aforementioned categories.

    Our cadets weren’t the only recipients of recognition this fall. In addition, Dr. Mike Yaffe, the chair of the ROTC Oversight Committee (and professor of biology and biological engineering here at the Institute) was promoted to the rank of Colonel in the US Army Reserve...

  • The MIT Formula SAE team takes a great leap forward to build their 2017 race car.

    Imagine if you and a group of students were tasked with designing, building, testing, and driving a Formula-style electric race car from the ground up. Every year.

  • As part of the ongoing development of MIT’s footprint in Kendall Square, GECD has been relocated from E39 to E17-294. All teams (Career Services, Prehealth Advising and Global Education) occupy one suite that includes on-campus recruiting interview rooms.

  • In November, four MIT students were selected as 2017 Marshall Scholars. After graduating from MIT in June, they will begin graduate studies in the UK next fall.

  • GECD’s Prehealth Advising team has launched a new mentor program for MD-PhD applicants, in collaboration with students at Harvard Medical School. The mentors, most of whom are MIT alumni, are students in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) MD-PhD program. They are volunteering their time to conduct mock interviews with current MIT undergraduates who are applying for MD-PhD programs at medical schools around the country.

    prehealth advising staff and student mentorsThe mentor program was created based on feedback received last spring from students Kaustav Gopinathan ’16 and Eduardo Maury ’16 who had recently themselves applied and interviewed for MD-PhD programs. They wanted to assist the Prehealth Advising team in increasing services for future students interested in pursuing MD-PhD degrees. Now first-year students at HST, they are excited about the potential of this pilot program. “Many of us in MD-PhD programs recognize that we owe a lot of our successes to the amazing mentors we found during our time at MIT,” says Maury. “Our current overall goals are to extend the program to advise students in their early years of MIT on how to prepare for MD-PhD programs and be successful applicants.”

    “Prehealth advisors help students to prepare for medical school interviews by conducting ‘mocks’ with sample interview questions and feedback, but students who have actually been through this process are invaluable in providing insights on the nuances,” observes Akunna Rosser, assistant director of Prehealth Advising. “The mentors can counsel our applicants on how to navigate the often unknown and varying aspects of the MD-PhD interview, such as how to make small talk while walking to lunch or the next interview, and those random occurrences where a school asks an interviewee to give a ‘chalk talk’ of their research...” 

  • Matthew Cavuto, Zachary Hulcher, Kevin Zhou, and Daniel Zuo will pursue two years of study in the U.K.

    Four MIT students — Matthew Cavuto, Zachary Hulcher, Kevin Zhou, and Daniel Zuo — are winners in this year’s prestigious Marshall Scholarship competition. Another student, Charlie Andrews-Jubelt, was named an alternate. The newest Marshall Scholars come from the MIT departments of Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

  • Houses 1 and 2 will remain open to students in academic year 2017-18; New House, other communities working on plans to welcome affected students.

  • Players’ protest begins wave of discussion.

    The stands were filled with cheering fans. Music pulsed through the warm early fall breeze. On this particular Saturday, Sept. 17, everyone was ready for some football.

  • Over the summer, the Student Resources website underwent some significant upgrades, just in time for the start of the academic year. The site—a collaboration among DUE, DSL, ODGE, and the Chancellor’s Office—offers a one-stop-shopping inventory of resources, services, offices, and other information for students, differentiated by what’s available to undergrads, grads, or both.