Undergraduate Research News - 2016

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  • Summer 2016 marked the 10th year of the Amgen-UROP Scholars Program, which provides undergraduates with MIT faculty-mentored summer research opportunities in the science and biotechnology areas. Five MIT undergraduates and 15 undergraduates from colleges and universities from across the country made up this summer’s 20-student cohort. Visiting Scholars came from schools that included SUNY Cortland, Oklahoma State University, Montana State University, and Occidental College.

  • UROP Mentor Awards

    The UAAP solicits nominations every year from students for the UROP Mentor of the Year Awards. An award is presented to one MIT faculty member and one graduate student/non- faculty UROP supervisor who have demonstrated exceptional mentorship and teaching in a research setting.

    UROP students submitted many nominations this year, making the selection highly competitive. This year’s Outstanding UROP Mentor Award recipients are:

  • Hallmark program “SuperUROP” lets undergrad engineers dive into a year-long research experience.

    From developing smart 3-D scanners, to refining desalination techniques, to designing football helmets that can prevent concussions — undergraduates across the School of Engineering are midway through the year-long research projects that are part of the Advanced Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, or SuperUROP.