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  • Amgen Scholars alumni eventAmgen Scholars Program alumni living and studying in the Northeast gathered at the Boston Marriott Cambridge on March 20 for a dinner hosted by the Amgen Scholars Global Program Office, housed at MIT. The event welcomed more than 60 attendees and featured a keynote presentation by Elazer Edelman, the Thomas D. and Virginia W. Cabot Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at MIT and director of the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center.

    Launched in 2007, the Amgen Scholars Program is an internationally recognized research initiative that invites undergraduates to conduct faculty-mentored research...

  • MacVicar Day examines MIT’s unique partnership with Singapore University of Technology and Design.

    MacVicar Day 2015On January 25, 2010, before signing a formal collaboration agreement between MIT and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), then-MIT President Susan Hockfield said, “Our role will be extensive and direct. MIT faculty will be involved at every stage, from developing new curricula to helping with early deployment, assisting with mentoring, career development programs, and conducting major joint research projects. We also look forward to numerous opportunities for student exchanges and collaborations.”

    Five years later, that vision has come to fruition. SUTD is up and running, with over 1,000 students and 101 course offerings, 94 of which were contributed by MIT...

  • MIT has been awarded two major grants from the Amgen Foundation. The first will provide hands-on laboratory experience to undergraduate students through the Amgen Scholars Program. This marks the ninth year that MIT will participate in the program, which aims to inspire the next generation of innovators by providing undergraduates with hands-on summer research opportunities at many of the world’s premier educational institutions. The second grant awarded to MIT will support the Amgen Scholars Global/U.S.

  • This summer UROP staff offered a new Freshman Pre-Orientation Program (FPOP), Discover UROP. The four-day FPOP was created to help expose freshmen to key aspects of undergraduate research at MIT. The program’s goal is to help introduce freshmen to research early in their undergraduate careers, and provide them with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in rewarding UROP experiences throughout their undergraduate years.

  • This summer marks the eighth year of the MIT Amgen-UROP Scholars Program in which a cohort of MIT undergraduates, as well as undergraduates from four-year colleges and universities from across the US, come together to conduct summer research in the science and biotechnology areas. The program aims to provide undergraduates the opportunity to not only conduct cutting-edge research at 13 of the world’s leading research institutions, but to also provide educational and networking opportunities to students interested in pursuing careers in science and engineering.

  • Miho KitagawaMiho Kitagawa has been involved in several D-Lab health projects, including developing a wearable biosensor kit for nurses to monitor different biomeasures of their patients, such as temperature, patient position, and galvanic skin response. She has also created Stetho-kit, a kit that modifies a normal stethoscope into a digital stethoscope so that users can record and play back sounds.

  • Bring together twenty-five high-achieving undergraduates from colleges and universities across the country with a passion for research and an interest to pursue a career in the science and biotechnology areas and what do you get? The 2013 MIT Amgen Scholars!

    Summer 2013 Amgen Scholar, Kayla Brown (center), a senior at Columbus State University in Georgia, conducted research in the lab of Prof. J. Troy Littleton (left) and was supervised by graduate student Meg Krench (right), a 2008 MIT Amgen Scholar alum.

    This summer, the MIT Amgen-UROP Scholars Program hosted nine MIT undergraduates and sixteen visiting students from 16 different universities and colleges, from small liberal arts schools to large research institutions including Messiah College, University of Pennsylvania, Tulane, and the University of Montana. Participation in the program allowed Scholars to delve into world-class scientific research and for some of the Scholars, it was their first research experience.

  • Amgen ScholarIn addition to housing one of the thirteen Amgen Scholars Programs throughout the U.S. and Europe, MIT is also home to the Amgen Scholars U.S. Program Office, which manages communications and conference-planning for the summer undergraduate research initiative in the biological sciences and engineering.

  • 2013 UROP ExpoHundreds of MIT undergraduates attended the third annual IAP UROP Expo on January 24th in Kresge Lobby to speak with faculty, staff and students about exciting UROP opportunities and projects being conducted across the Institute. Despite the extremely cold weather, approximately 300 students, most of whom were freshmen interested in conducting a UROP for the first time, dropped by the two-hour event.

  • The MIT Amgen-UROP Scholars Program just completed its sixth year. In addition to our own students, undergraduates from four-year colleges and universities from across the US are selected to come to MIT to conduct summer research in the science and biotechnology areas. This year, twenty-three students – 10 MIT undergraduates and 13 visiting undergraduates – spent the summer conducting hands-on research with MIT faculty members on a host of topics ranging from metabolic engineering to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer research.

    MIT Amgen-UROP Scholar Suan Tuang ‘14 of MIT presents his research