Student Learning News - 2014

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  • MIT’s Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) has created 47 STEM Concept Videos to help students connect the concepts they learn in introductory STEM courses to concrete, real-world problems.

  • D-Lab is often best known for its cornerstone course, D-Lab Development, taught for over a decade by D-Lab founder Amy Smith and Bish Sanyal, Professor of Urban Development and Planning. In fact, ask an MIT student if they have experience with D-Lab and you often get the answer, "Yeah, I took D-Lab."

    What seems to be less widely known is that after 12 years, D-Lab has developed a couple of additional courses,19 courses in total, to be exact. Though not every course is taught every year, about a dozen different courses are.

    Student projects from five of those courses were presented on May 9 at the 2014 D-Lab Spring Student Showcase. It was standing room only in D-Lab's "hands-on" classroom on the third floor of E-51 with over 150 in attendance to hear about projects from five D-Lab classes, an independent study, and our current group of D-Lab Biomass Fuel undergraduate researchers...

  • This past spring, Experimental Study Group staff members Dave Custer and Graham Ramsay launched a new subject, ES.333, “Production of Educational Videos: Skills for Communicating Academic and Professional Content.”  As the title suggests, this subject taught students the fundamentals of video production, with a primary focus on educational content targeted for specific populations.  The intention of the subject is to give students agency over the skills needed to create compelling video content that can serve them broadly throughout their academic careers.

  • John McGoldrick '73On Saturdays in a bright, spacious classroom, MIT alumni and Edgerton Center volunteers John McGoldrick ‘73 and Mike Allen ’97 MNG ‘99 sit with young engineers, fervently discussing their new projects and ideas.