Student Diversity News - 2008

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  • Since some of the “movers and shakers” who helped launch DUE’s Diversity Theme have left MIT for new pursuits, you may have wondered about its current status. I am pleased to report on-going progress on several key initiatives that support this theme.

    As described in the April 2007 Newsletter, diversity theme objectives include advancing the notion that diversity and quality are congruent, and ensuring that minority students are well represented at every level of the educational pipeline at MIT. The theme aligns with the recent Diversity Congress goal to begin to transform MIT into a leader in the movement to link diversity and excellence.

  • While many of you have probably heard about the Diversity Leadership Congress scheduled for November 18, this summary should clarify the details. A number of people from DUE, who are most responsible for creating a culture of diversity, will be participating in the Congress. You can choose to participate via remote viewing locations that will be announced soon. A video of the Congress will also be available for you to view afterwards. DUE will be looking for opportunities to discuss the outcomes of the Congress and generate more ideas within DUE.

  • This is meant to provide a summary of both the Visiting Committee Report and the DUE response. If you are interested in the full text, please contact Anna Babbi Klein at

    Visiting Committee Report Summary:
    In contrast to our session two years ago, committee members were more encouraged to see some progress on several fundamental issues. In what follows, we describe this progress, identify areas of continuing concern and offer a set of recommendations.

  • The Mentor Advocate Partnership (MAP) is a volunteer mentoring program for MIT students that seek to foster their holistic development along both academic and non-academic dimensions. The OME created MAP because building strong relationships throughout the college experience plays an integral role in academic success and personal satisfaction at MIT. At the core of MAP is a sincere, trusting partnership between a student and staff/faculty that has the potential to persist throughout the undergraduate years. In its second year, MAP was expanded to involve 16 new mentors and 33 freshmen. Three OME Deans and the OME Faculty Director continued to mentor 17 sophomores through the program.

  • On February 12th, twenty staff mentors and forty-one undergraduate protégés participated in the 2008 kick-off to the Office of Minority Education’s Mentor Advocate Partnership (MAP) program. Dr. Stacy Blake-Beard, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management at Simmons College, led an interactive workshop on the dynamic aspects of mentoring and how to make the most of mentoring relationships.

  • Three Arab students representing the MIT Arab Student Club did a tour through the Middle East talking with high school students about science, engineering, and MIT. They made presentations in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. While the Admissions Office did not sponsor this group, they did help them with materials and connected them with alumni in the area. Alam Alayan, one of the students, sent the following in an email to Admissions during his trip: