Next Generation Systems News - 2014

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  • During the past four years, our community has experienced a transformation of MIT’s Student Information Systems (SIS). Antiquated, paper-based processes have been replaced by streamlined, digitized processes that have improved the user experience for faculty, students, and staff while providing better support for MIT’s educational priorities. This progress has been guided by the 2011-2014 Education Systems Roadmap.

  • As part of the eight-subject Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Requirement, all undergraduates must complete a HASS Concentration that provides increased knowledge in a particular HASS field. Students select from 35 different concentrations, such as American Studies, Anthropology, Chinese, or Economics, and propose a 3- or 4- subject concentration. Concentration Advisors review and approve proposals and verify completion.

    Historically, students submitted paper HASS Concentration Proposal and Completion Forms to their Concentration Advisors for approval. Once approved, the students were required to manually distribute copies to several offices and the data was manually entered into the student’s record. This fall, MIT launched an online version of the HASS Concentration Form, simplifying this process for both students and Concentration Advisors...

  • The Registrar’s Office rolled out its newest digital tool, an online add/drop form, on Jan. 27 — just in time for the beginning of spring term. Like the paper version, the form allows students to add or drop courses, adjust units, change status (for example, from credit to listener), and obtain advisor approval. However, not only is the digital version more convenient and efficient, but it also is equipped with helpful interactive tools.