Next Generation Systems News - 2010

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  • In March 2010, the Athena Working Group was chartered by Dean Daniel Hastings and Marilyn Smith, Head of IS&T, to develop a set of recommendations around public student printing and the Athena clusters. This was in direct response to the two Institute-wide Planning Task Force recommendations focused on Athena: 1) the need for a “greener” printing process on Athena which reduced waste; 2) an assessment of the efficient use of space currently dedicated to Athena Clusters.

    As input, the Working Group conducted a detailed analysis of the utilization of Athena clusters, the support cost, and the cost of Athena student printing, including supplies. At the same time, the Undergraduate Association administered the UA Committee of Student Life Athena and Printing Survey during March-April 2010 in which 1,531 undergraduates participated. Both the UA and the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB) were involved in the Working Group.

    In mid-September, the Working Group delivered its phase one recommendations to Dan Hastings and Marilyn Smith as well as the MIT Council on Educational Technology.

  • On July 1, Information Services and Technology (IS&T) announced a new organizational structure focused on the major Institute functions – education, research, and administration.

    New IS&T Organizational Structure - as layers

    The new organization is working to provide simpler, user-centered systems that cost less to maintain. It’s also striving to improve consistency in project and service delivery and to develop innovative uses of IT that provide long-term strategic advantage to the Institute through collaboration with key partners and sponsors. While DUE staff may interact with many areas within the new IS&T organization, we primarily intersect through Education Systems and Customer Support.