Next Generation Systems News - 2007

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  • Goal

    The goal of the IT theme is synonymous with the goal of the Student System Vision Study: to develop a next generation Student System vision that will support the evolving needs of the MIT community and improve the student experience. The entire MIT community-- students, faculty, staff and alumni-- rely on MIT student information systems to provide excellent service in over 115 critical core business applications such as managing admissions, academic and financial records. The Vision Study is a large scale project that will engage the whole MIT community and provide a road map to support future student information system. This vision will understand from a user perspective how we can maximize service, minimize complexity, provide a seamless end-to-end experience and support face-to-face interactions.

    Besides facilitating many administrative aspects of day to day life and learning at MIT, student information systems (SIS) are part of the infrastructure that insures excellent teaching and learning. These systems will be essential to enabling recommendations of the Task Force on the Educational Commons such as increased emphasis on global education and changes to the General Institute Requirements.

  • A key recommendation of the ad hoc committee on the reorganization of academic computing services was that the Libraries, DUE and IS&T work together more closely to ensure that faculty have easy and coordinated (seamless) access to all academic computing services. A core group convened by Vijay Kumar and comprising Oliver Thomas from IS&T, Steve Gass from the Libraries, and Babi Mitra from DUE-OEIT has been established for this purpose. The group, now called ACCORD for ‘Academic Computing CoORDination Group’, has been meeting over the past few weeks to craft its charter, mission, scope and process going ahead.