Mentoring And Advising News - 2014

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  • The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming hosted its second annual “Trick or Treat for Advice Week” program from October 27-31,2014. The program is designed to raise student awareness about the UAAP office and the programs and resources it provides, at a point in the semester where students can be facing some stress. This year’s events included an office open house, an academic integrity quiz, a study break with associate advisors, and faculty receptions and lunches for first-year students.

  • MIT medical school applicantsThis fall, a significant number of MIT alumni took the next step in their journey to becoming MDs and MDPhDs by enrolling as first-year medical students.

  • multiple mini-interviewThis September, Prehealth Advising staff members Jennifer Earls and Erin Scott hosted a Mastering the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) workshop, which simulates a new interactive interview process increasingly being used by medical schools. The MMI interview format uses short, independent assessments in a timed circuit to assess medical school candidates’ soft skills.

  • A group of 230 enthusiastic associate advisors are leading the charge in mentoring the freshman Class of 2018. These volunteer upperclassmen are an integral part of the First -Year Advising Network, made up of a freshman advisor and a consultant from the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP). With an increase in the number of faculty advising freshmen, the UAAP has ensured that every advising group is built on a strong foundation. 

  • The DUE/UAAP and invited guests honored the accomplishments of seven exceptional freshman advisors at a special ceremony on May 14, 2014. Recipients were selected from a pool of nominations by freshman advisees, associate advisors, and faculty expressing a myriad of reasons their candidate deserved a 2013-2014 Advisor Award. The nominations spoke to the important role faculty advisors have served in supporting and influencing the experience of students.

    At the ceremony, Dean Denny Freeman reiterated his priority to ensure that first-year students have the opportunity to engage with and get to know faculty on a personal basis. Student feedback underscores that relationships with faculty are critical, not only in advising and guiding students, but also in helping them think through their academic plans, pursue internships and global experiences, engage in UROP, and contemplate life beyond MIT, whether it be graduate school or professional work.

    The following outstanding faculty advisors received awards in seven distinct categories...

  • Every year, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) solicits nominations from UROP students for the UROP Mentor of the Year Awards. An award is presented each year to one MIT faculty member and one graduate student/non-faculty UROP supervisor who have demonstrated exceptional guidance and teaching in a research setting.

    Many nominations were submitted, making the selection highly competitive. This year’s Outstanding UROP Mentors are:

  • The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming is pleased to announce the selection of three distinguished MIT faculty for the 2014 Institute Convocation awards:

    Arthur Smith Award for Distinguished Service to Student Life and Learning

    Anne McCantsAnne E. C. McCants
    Professor of History and Director of Concourse

  • MacVicar Day explores how to create more ways to mentor MIT undergraduates.

    At the MacVicar Day symposium on March 14, physics professor Nergis Mavalvala shared a recent email with the audience, using assumed names to protect the innocent.