K-12 Outreach News - 2013

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  • Before Jessica Garrett arrived at the Edgerton Center, she taught math and science to grades 3, 5, and 6. She often recruited special guests to speak to her classes. Some were better than others, and she wished there were a way to help them better understand how to speak to young audiences.Edgerton Center TSC Workshop

    And while she had a network of scientific friends and family, she knew that other teachers often struggled to find scientists and engineers willing to talk to their classes.

    When Jessica attended the final COSEENE/TERC's Telling Your Story session at MIT, she was so excited about the idea of a workshop where teachers and scientists could meet each other and make a concrete classroom visit plan that she decided to help continue this program. She has been doing so since fall of 2011, teaming with other colleagues across MIT and Harvard, and continually improving the program.

  • With the aim of increasing the number of students and teachers inspired by the Edgerton Center's model of experiential science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, the Edgerton Center is collaborating with i2 Camp, a national STEM summer camp.

    Partnering with a variety of educational organizations, i2 Camp broadens a student's exposure to a variety of innovative courses not seen in traditional middle school education.

  • Edgerton Instruction Ed Moriarty surrounded by visiting Chinese studentsEdgerton instructors Ed Moriarty, Alban Cobi and Jessica Garrett spent ten days this month leading two groups of 32 middle and high school students from Beijing, China, in science and engineering projects.