First Year Experience News - 2012

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  • It is no secret that entering MIT students need to learn to juggle competing priorities, manage their time effectively, and navigate an unfamiliar environment. For students with chronic illnesses, the adjustment to this high-pressure environment involves an added layer of complexity. In addition to all of the demands that typical students must handle, students with chronic illnesses face the daunting task of managing their illness while managing college life. For many students, this is the first time they have had to orchestrate all of this independently.

  • As a group, the entire class of 2015 is impressive. However, within their first year at MIT, seven freshmen distinguished themselves through their level of commitment and contribution to MIT’s living and learning community. Upon entry to MIT, these new students made a commitment to not only participate in clubs, athletics, research, service and other dimensions of this campus, but they engaged in deep, sustained and influential ways. Their performance has been exceptional and they have quickly made an impact on our campus.

    • Bruno Faviero - Distinguished Achievement in Leadership Award
    • Adrian Jimenez-Galindo – Distinguished Achievement in the Arts
    • Mari Kordell - Distinguished Achievement in Athletics
    • Margo Dawes - Distinguished Achievement in Diversity and Culture
    • Joel Schneider - Distinguished Achievement in Academics and Research
    • Jeffrey Sperling - Distinguished Achievement in Entrepreneurship
    • Maryam Zekavat - Commitment to Service on Behalf of Others

    On May 17, we acknowledged the outstanding accomplishments of these students at the Freshman Awards Ceremony. Senior Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming Julie Norman presented the awards. President Hockfield and Chancellor Grimson were also present and congratulated the students for their significant contributions.  There individual contributions and accomplishments are described below:

  • Students move into the dorms during Orientation

    To ensure that first-year students form lasting connections and transition successfully to the undergraduate experience at MIT, Orientation should be an ongoing process that intentionally extends throughout the first year, not simply a week-long event in August, according to the recently released report by the Review Committee on Orientation (RCO). The report also recommends that Residential Exploration (REX) should continue, but needs a renewed focus that better integrates with Orientation.