Career Development News - 2016

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  • This year, MIT students had the opportunity to attend a collaborative event, Career Hack, which was held alongside the Fall Career Fair on Friday, September 23. The event was sponsored by Global Education & Career Development (GECD), DUE, the MIT Alumni Association, MISTI, the PKG Center, MIT Student Activities Office, and the Fall Career Fair.

  • Each year, GECD organizes data from two graduating student surveys into public reports.The data, which is now available on GECD's website, lends insight into what students do after graduation and during their summers. The surveys consist of the Graduating Student Survey, sent to undergraduate and master’s graduates, and the Earned Doctorate Survey, which polls graduate students completing PhDs.

  • “This morning, I didn’t think I would be acting as a construction worker.” These were the words from a participant in one of GECD’s improv workshops to improve communication and interviewing skills.

    Doing improv has made me a better presenter and listener, and has helped me feel more comfortable with the unanticipated things that can crop up during presentations, teaching, or workshops. In the career services arena, improv can help job-seekers prepare for unexpected questions in job interviews, such as “What do you think of lava lamps?” or “What were you like as a child?” (These are examples of real questions asked during interviews with Boeing and Biogen, respectively.)

    GECD improv workshopI wanted others to experience the benefits of improv as well, so I completed the Improv Asylum Training Center in Boston’s North End and began leading workshops on campus in July. To date, I have led more than 10 improv workshops for various groups at MIT, ranging from first-year students through graduate students and postdocs. These interviewing and communication workshops have been offered to such groups as the OME Momentum Program, DUSP, the Graduate Student Council, and Pre-health, where students were preparing for health professions admissions interviews. I have also worked with staff at the Office of Digital Learning and students at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas...

  • As part of our initiative to increase the engagement of younger students in career exploration and provide them with more opportunities, GECD teamed up with UAAP this February to connect freshmen and sophomores with alumni, both in and outside of their intended courses.