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  • In early May, GECD sponsored two events to help international students understand the process of job searching in the U.S. The first, “What Every International Student Should Know About U.S. Employment,” was co-sponsored with the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education and featured speaker and author Dan Beaudry. The second, “Job Search for International Students,” was a panel talk with recruiters from Exponent, Broad Institute, Formlabs, and EverQuote. The International Students Office helped promote the series, which drew 145 students and postdocs.

    Dan BeaudryInternational students looking for jobs in the U.S. face many challenges and much uncertainty. First, they need to find employers willing to sponsor them for work visas. Even when employers are eager to sponsor them, candidates have to enter into a national lottery to obtain work visas, with no guarantees that they will receive one. The current federal administration’s approach to immigration has created additional uncertainty.

    Beaudry often addresses these challenges in his talks on campus, drawing on his experience as former head of campus recruiting at and author of Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States. A key part of his advice to international students is that the conventional method of sending out resumes to listed job openings is an ineffective and discouraging way to find a good job...