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  • Sushi, gratitude cards, and puppy visits are supported by a grant program that promotes wellness and community building.

    On a Tuesday last month at 8:25 p.m. in Baker House, students were scattered around the dorm’s lounges, chipping away at PSETs and studying for exams.

    At 8:30, more than 50 of them rushed down to the first floor for a moment away.

  • Rising senior Bettina Arkhurst, founder of Random Acts of Kindness Week, is making a better world here at MIT.

    Bettina Arkhurst comes from a large, tight-knit family. Her relatives hail from across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and Ghana. They fly to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and family reunions, and support one another during difficult times. 

  • A new initiative developed by the Teaching and Learning Lab is designed to increase students’ sense of academic belonging.

    “Wait a minute… I’m the only female in this class!” realizes the engineering student in the cartoon, sandwiched beside her two male classmates. She shakes nervously, hands clenched, considering the responsibility of “representing all of womankind” before collapsing face-down on her desk. “Ditz” and “Psycho” thought bubbles appear above her smirking classmates’ heads.

  • Committee outlines strategies for building student trust in support systems, encouraging help-seeking, and providing coordinated, compassionate care.

  • Editor's note: Mechanical engineering major and 3-year Momentum veteran Nenye Anagbogu '18 graciously agreed to share this insider's perspective on the experience.

  • The ATIC staff (Assistive Technology Information Center) held our annual IAP Open House on February 2, welcoming about 35-40 attendees, both from within MIT and beyond. We demonstrated various assistive technologies, such as screen reading, magnification, voice recognition, and scan-and-read software. Our accessibility and usability experts talked with visitors about tools they can use to check websites for accessibility and usability evaluation tools.

  • MIT Senior Jahnavi Kalpathy shares her story of taking a leave of absence.

    In spring of 2014, Jahnavi Kalpathy was weighing her options: She could remain at MIT and try to shake the floundering feeling that had plagued her since she arrived at the Institute. Or she could take a year-long leave of absence, using the time to reflect on her academic choices and find a clearer vision of her future. Leaving would mean missing friends and acclimating to a new class; staying would preclude the possibility of a fresh start.

  • On October 12 and November 2nd, Kate Quinn and Kathy Cahill of the ATIC/Accessibility/Usability Team conducted two “teatime” information sessions on Assistive Technologies for students with disabilities, with the assistance of staff from Student Disabilities Services (SDS). One session was about Distraction Free Tools, providing information to students about technology-based tools such as website, email, and ad blockers that help students focus on work that needs to be done. Kate also demonstrated web-based timer tools that help students work on tasks for a preset amount of time.

  • A cohort of 203 students have been selected as Associate Advisors to support the freshman Class of 2020. Associate Advisors are an integral part of the First-Year Advising Network, which is composed of faculty advisors as well as advising consultants from the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP). As the number of faculty advising freshman continues to rise, the UAAP empowers Associate Advisors to support the faculty, ensuring that every advising group is built upon a solid foundation. 

  • Providing seamless, integrated wellness and support services for students is the impetus for realigning three key support organizations into the Division of Student Life (DSL), according to an email from Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart ’88 to the Office of Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE), Office of Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE), and DSL today. The announcement as well as the effective date of the changes, July 1, coincides with the beginning of Suzy Nelson’s leadership of DSL as vice president and dean for student life.