MindHandHeart announces record number of Innovation Fund winners

Published in MIT News on January 8, 2017 by Maisie O'Brien, MindHandHeart

#ThisisMIT video contest gives students a chance to indulge their creativity and submit short videos showcasing the magic of MIT.

t is well-known that MIT students are academically exceptional. What is less known is how well-rounded, creative, and artistic they are.

To showcase what students do outside of the classroom, MIT Communications Initiatives and the Division of Student Life created a campaign to encourage students to produce videos for social sharing. The goal was to give audiences around the world a greater sense of the magic and culture of MIT.

Following brainstorming sessions with a group of students and discussions of what might encourage students to participate, the #ThisisMIT video contest was created. The contest ran from the second week of September until Thanksgiving...

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