UAAP Recognizes Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Advising at Institute Convocation Awards

Leslie Bottari, Staff Associate, UAAP

UAAP is pleased to announce the selection of three distinguished MIT faculty for the 2017 Institute Convocation awards.

Arthur Smith Award for Distinguished Service to Student Life and Learning

Daniel Jackson, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Jackson has a deep and genuine concern for students. One of his most significant contributions has been the “Portraits of Resilience” series. He spent several years collecting stories through interviews with students about mental health issues and challenges they faced, and how they emerged on the other side stronger and wiser. A nominator said, “He has accomplished a great deal with his leadership in unveiling and putting a real face to the challenges many live with daily.” Jackson cares about the issues that impact students’ lives and is truly devoted to student life and learning at MIT.

Everett Moore Baker Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Tracy Slatyer, Professor of Physics
Slatyer genuinely cares about students’ learning and is invested in their success. She is enthusiastic, dedicated, and approachable, and embraces student questions and follow-ups in her physics classes. One nominator wrote, “It’s easy to be motivated given the effort Professor Slatyer puts into her teaching, and it’s easy to learn given her unique approachability and desire to answer every question.” The all-student award committee acknowledged Slatyer’s distinguished contributions in the classroom for excellence in teaching.

Earll M. Murman Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising

Elsa Olivetti, Professor of Material Science and Engineering
Students are the highest priority for Olivetti. One of her advisees acknowledged that she “has provided invaluable support and advice on her own time, far beyond what is expected of advisors.” A student in one class said, “I always feel welcome in her office and know that Professor Olivetti is deeply interested in me and cares about my growth and success. She makes the MIT experience beautifully challenging rather than stressful.” Olivetti has demonstrated that she is not only an excellent undergraduate advisor, but also that she has had a significant long-term impact on the lives of many students.