UAAP Offers Opportunities for First-Year Students to Explore Majors

Meghan Kenney, Assitant Dean, UAAP

Over IAP 2017, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming hosted a series of events for first-year students. The first of these, Departmental Exploration (DEX), was a weeklong series designed to help freshmen explore different academic opportunities as they begin to think about declaring a major this spring. Each day focused on a different theme and featured panels of students and events hosted by various departments. This year’s themes included technological engineering; chemistry/chemical engineering; biology/biological engineering; economics and management; design, politics and policy; and math, physics, and computer science. The week was a success, and we offer our heartfelt thanks to Shauna Peterson, staff associate in UAAP, for coordinating the events.

In addition to major exploration programs, the UAAP hosted information sessions about applying for our two student leadership roles—orientation leader and associate advisor. Over 25 students attended the sessions, so we are well on our way to building a great applicant pool!  If you know of any undergraduate student who would make a great orientation leader or associate advisor, please let us know!