See the Winners of Global Education's 2017 Photo Contest

Scott R. Murray, Communications Specialist, GECD

The Global Education team once again held a photo contest where we asked students to show us in pictures, “How does the MIT community engage in learning, research, service, and work around the globe?” There were four categories, each with first and second place winners. The categories were:

  • Cultures, Customs, and Traditions
  • My Major Abroad
  • Check Out This View!
  • Getting By with a Little Help from My Friends

The photos included here are just a taste. To see them all, visit GECD’s website.

Dokras Nupur Azouni Yara
Nupur, a Course 2 grad student, carries mustard plants in a small village in India while doing research for D-Lab. Yara, a participant in CME's final year, punts the River Cam with friends.