Results of the 2016 Graduating Student Survey

Deborah Liverman, Director of Career Services and Special Assistant to the Dean, GECD

As we bid farewell to the Class of 2017, GECD is pleased to provide the results of the MIT Class of 2016 Graduating Student Survey. This survey contains information about the immediate post-graduation plans of MIT undergrads and master’s students from the Class of 2016.

MIT’s Class of 2016 found a very robust job market, with 87% of job-seeking baccalaureate and 83% of master’s graduates who sought employment reporting acceptance of a job within three months of graduation.

There were 1,384 respondents to the survey, representing 62% of the graduating class (including bachelor’s and master’s graduates). Highlights include:

  • About 37% of BS and 11% of MS graduates planned to attend graduate or professional school.
  • Graduating seniors reported that career fairs, followed by internships, networking, and on-campus recruiting were their primary sources of employment. Master’s graduates reported on-campus recruiting, followed by networking and internships as their primary sources. For the second year, internships that led to a job offer continue to be the second highest source of employment for graduating seniors.
  • The top industries for graduating seniors were computer software, consulting, and engineering, which has remained consistent since 2012. Consulting was still the top industry for master’s degree recipients, with computer software and investment banking rounding out the top three industries.
  • There was approximately a 3% increase in graduates reporting work at a start-up company.
  • Average salary for undergraduates was $84,882 (a slight increase from 2015).
  • Average salary for master’s graduates was $127,212 (specific breakdown of SM, MEng, and MBA salary data is available in the report, as well as the average salaries by industry).
  • Top hiring employers were Google (17), Boeing (8), Apple (6), and Boston Consulting Group (5).
  • The top destinations were Massachusetts, California, and New York.
  • The most popular universities for those immediately attending graduate or professional school include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.

Additional information can be found in the full report (pdf).