MIT Army ROTC Leadership Training News Roundup

Nadi Kassim, Technical Instructor, Department of Military Science

It’s been a busy and productive spring semester for the students of the Department of Military Science. MIT Army ROTC Cadets participated in the 2017 Joint Field Training Exercise (JFTX) April 7-9 with Northeastern and Boston University ROTC programs, following six months of collaborative planning by the senior classes. MIT ROTC cadets training in the fieldThe JFTX placed the juniors in platoon level leadership roles while freshman and sophomores learned valuable skills such as setting up an Army Patrol Base, conducting reconnaissance, and executing attacks on enemy elements. The training undoubtedly prepared our cadets for their summer training and future military exercises.

Although the culminating event marked the end of tactical military training, MIT Army ROTC has stayed active. Lieutenant Colonel and Professor of Military Science Peter Godfrin led 15 cadets in the 26.2 mile Tough Ruck on April 15, to raise money for local veterans organizations and causes. Godfrin and the MIT Army ROTC Cadre also led a Revolutionary War staff ride on the Battle of Lexington and Concord, to identify and analyze military lessons and apply those lessons to today’s complex battlefield.

As graduation day approaches in June, we look forward to commissioning our senior cadets as 2nd lieutenants and continuing our mission to host world-class leadership development training and education for our Army and for the MIT community.

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