UROP Awards

Sara Nelson, Staff Associate, UAAP

UROP Mentor Awards

The UAAP solicits nominations every year from students for the UROP Mentor of the Year Awards. An award is presented to one MIT faculty member and one graduate student/non- faculty UROP supervisor who have demonstrated exceptional mentorship and teaching in a research setting.

UROP students submitted many nominations this year, making the selection highly competitive. This year’s Outstanding UROP Mentor Award recipients are:

Regina Bateson
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Professor Bateson was nominated for her extensive mentorship that, in the words of one UROP student, goes “above and beyond the expectations for UROP supervisors.” She was also recognized for her inspiring positivity and passion that help shape undergraduates’ academic, career, and personal goals. Bateson came to MIT in 2013 upon completion of her PhD at Yale. She studies comparative politics with interests in crime, violence, civil wars, policing, and informal institutions.

Sampriti Bhattacharyya,
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering

Sampriti Bhattacharyya is a PhD student working in Professor Harry Asada’s d’Arbeloff Laboratory for Information Systems and Technology. Sampriti’s UROP students nominated her for her unwavering commitment to developing undergraduates’ research experiences and self- confidence, “…because she wants us to build confidence in our engineering knowledge and in ourselves.” Sampriti’s research focuses on developing underwater drones.

Randolph G. Wei UROP Award

Each year, the UAAP also solicits nominations from UROP faculty supervisors for the Randolph G. Wei UROP Award. The Wei Committee presents the award each spring to the undergraduate who has made the most outstanding contribution in undergraduate research at the interface of the life sciences and engineering. It was established in October 1986 in memory of Randolph G. Wei, a member of the MIT Class of 1987 who majored in biology and chemical engineering and was an active UROP participant.

This year’s recipient is Lauren Paul ’18, who is majoring in brain and cognitive sciences. Lauren has been conducting neuroscience research with Professor Yingxi Lin for the past year and was noted for her maturity and high level of productivity within the lab. Currently, she is working in collaboration with a graduate student on a project likely to result in a high-profile publication.